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TreeCheck Pro

Welcome to the Tree Check PRO software website.

Our tool evaluates the benefits of urban greenery and allows you to plan changes in vegetation cover with respect to urban climate change.

Created as part of the LIFE Tree Check project.

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Features offered

Calculation of a cooling function of individual green elements

By entering few parameters, you can find out the cooling function of specific trees, bushes or lawns in your area.

Display the level of cooling function of green elements throughout the area

Would you like to know which places to focus on to effectively boost the cooling function of greenery? After uploading the green passport, you can display the cooling effect level within larger areas using a heatmap. In the places with unavailable green passport are used neural networks based on analysis of aerial images.

Modelling scenarios of cooling function

Would you like to know how big impact has park reconstruction or building construction on the cooling function of greenery? Enter possible scenarios of greenery changes in the specified area and get to know how the cooling function will change immediately or after many years.

The LIFE Tree Check project received EU financial support from the LIFE program